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Nababan, Anto


This study aims to determine the factors that support soybean seed breeding business, the level of income provided by soybean seed breeding business, and prospects of soybean breeding business in Papua. The method used in this research is quantitative and qualitative methods. Based on the results of the study note that the dominant factors affecting soybean breeding business are the interest of breeder farmers, the application of soybean seed production technology, particularly postharvest technology and income. The average income of breeder farmers in Papua Province is 4.546 million rupiahs per planting season. The highest income is obtained by breeders from Jayapura Regency with an income of 12 million per planting season and the lowest is obtained by breeders in Keerom with a value of 0.42 million per planting season. The prospect of breeding soybean seeds in Papua Province is very large. This is indicated by several variables studied such as the high interest of breeder farmers to apply soybean seed production technology, productivity number is quite good comparing to the national productivity, even there are 10 respondents with a category of high-level application of soybean seed production technology. This is also supported by the results of the significance test that there is a positive correlation between income and prospects.